BIGFLIX Big Black is a wonderful application. In this you can watch this movie Urdu Movies Indian Movies Punjabi Movie is fine and it has all the languages ​​like Pakistani language Indian language Turkish language given and also Dubai language goes to Saudi Arabia. Yes, and I’ll tell you one thing as you know, you get paid applications in the Play Store or on other websites. It’s not a pad at all. All you can see for free is the TV. The channel is also fun and the videos are also free because the wallpapers are because they are also free so download it Individual and enjoy hope that this application will be very much like that Like this

How to Install BIGFLIX?

It will tell you how you can install it, which is very easy to install. The application that you get from the Play Store is all you have to write if you want Flex Movie. Which is the number one movie you do not have to click on and install button you have to click on install button if you want to download from this web site click on top ten download button And that application will be downloaded as soon as the movie application is downloaded then you have to open it for installation and we have to kil the new resources When to do


Now I will tell you which of these features have many features. In this you can download movies of different languages. If you want to write this feature then you have and it is very easy to search movies. If you want to get the movie in which language you just want to type the name of the movie, it will also come up to you and by clicking on it you can watch and download the whole movie. Watch movies and save databases in it Your data is not available at all and you can use it in development and military Urdu. If you have the military and development, you can watch high quality movies full HD movies.

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