Call Divert Forward Assalam Walekum Friends, today I am going to tell you about an application, with the help of this application, you can listen to any call, you can listen to the call of anyone on your device if the person is busy or somewhere or their number If closed, you can transfer the same call to another number, it is very easy and two is easy, so I thought you should tell friends so that you can get a lot of benefit by using this application, friends. Those who are not going to tell you everything in this post are clear, you have to stay with us and listen to the post very carefully and read it so that you understand all the things, then let’s go towards the features of this application.


Features Of Call Divert Forward

Friends, the first feature of this application is that you can activate here you call divert activative sun of call. Is that this application is absolutely free, you can use this application in the post, so friends, the third feature is not included in it, then it is an AIDS free application, so all the applications that are on the Play Store are running now, so you are sad It hurts you a lot, but the last feature of this app that does not come with an ad is that you can release it and it keeps your data saved in it, so friends, I liked it very much. Would like the application.

How To Use This App

So friends, you tell me how to use this application, it has a black voting option and there are many options, you have to enter your number and on which you want to hear the call, whenever your number is closed then it will be busy Kaljo is going to go on the other side, you are going to like this video because it is a good application, I have liked it very much, you will also like Inshallah.

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