Call History Manager keep your call history always and show them class shrewd for simple entry. Brisk and propelled seek alternatives encourages you to effectively get to information you are searching for.Call History Manager enables you to trade calls to exceed expectations document. This application can reinforcement your logs and reestablish them on same telephone or other. There is a helpful measurements page to give you more understanding about calls you are making/getting.

Auto reinforcement is another helpful choice to guard call history. Regardless of whether application glitches and you have to re-introduce, you+ will have the capacity to reestablish all your history from auto reinforcement record.Swap with counterfeit call choice enables you to swap a specific bring in history with another number.If it’s not too much trouble take note of that this application can’t recoup consider history that got erased from telephone before introducing this application. Once introduced, this application will keep logs regardless of whether it gets erased from telephone.View SMS History : Now you can see SMS subtle elements in Contact points of interest screen.Measurements: Improved insights screen.

Propel seek : Use different channels to discover the correct call logs you are searching for with choices to fare to exceed expectations and erase it.
Reinforcement and Restore: Call History Manager gives choice to reinforcement call history with the goal that you can reestablish it later. This will be valuable on the off chance that you needed to reset telephone for a few reasons.Fare to exceed expectations: Call History Manager enables you to send out call logs to exceed expectations organize.Contact Details: User can tap on any of the call log to see contact subtle elements of a particular contact. You can likewise observe the insights of calls reached.

Include Fake Call: Call History Manager Allows you to embed a phony call log.

Auto Delete Call Log: This component enables you to consequently erase call logs from a specific number directly after you hung up telephone. In the event that you have something to shroud, this alternative is for you.

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