With in excess of 20 million downloads, Dumpster is the #1 reusing holder for Android! It’s the quick, straightforward way to deal with recover and restore your video and picture records. Inadvertently deleted a basic photo or video? Don’t worry about it – you can undelete your media records, applications and diverse reports instantly. With versatile disseminated stockpiling and included security incorporates, your records are continually shielded with Dumpster!

Dumpster – Highlights

✔ Effortlessly support your Android applications, media records and that’s only the tip of the iceberg


✔ Instantly recuperate fundamental records, photos, pictures and chronicles

✔ Restore accidentally eradicated pictures

✔ It’s free!

✔ Auto clean decision open


✔ Support for 14 vernaculars

✔ No web affiliation required

✔ No convincing motivation to root your contraption

✔ Cloud storage*


✔ Lock screen capabilities*

✔ Custom subjects and designs*

*Features included with a choice recordFortification and recover your archives

Dumpster works correctly like a reuse compartment for your phone! Once you’ve downloaded the application, it’ll normally fortification your as of late eradicated data, empowering you to effortlessly undelete reports, pictures and accounts – and restore them to your phone! Think about Dumpster as a keepsafe for your own photos, chronicles and records!


Ensure your photos and chronicles

Ensure your very own photos, chronicles and records with the help of Dumpster’s application jolt helpfulness. Open with an excellent record, you’ll have the ability to monitor your media archives from outside watchers and guarantee your Dumpster data with a 4 digit secure access code.

Immediately restore eradicated applications Application recovery is direct and incite with Dumpster! Basically enter your Dumpster reuse repository, tap on the application you wish to undelete and voila – it will rapidly return on your device. Dumpster offers fortification to all deleted applications, pictures, accounts, files and that is just a hint of a greater challenge. Notwithstanding what you need to undelete, Dumpster can promptly restore it to your device.


Versatile, secure dispersed capacity

Free up noteworthy storage space on your contraption. Dumpster cloud fortification is a choice feature, engaging customers to save all their eradicated things to the Dumpster cloud. Pay for as pitiful or as much disseminated stockpiling as you require. Dumpster premium customers will in like manner value the unique reward of a notices free issue, free modified themes and application jolt limits.


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