Irritated with heaps of void organizers in your record administrator? Utilize this application.

Key Features

1)Multiple alternatives to erase void envelopes2)Delete void organizers from inside storage(No root required)

3)Delete void organizers from outer capacity/memory card(Root required for this element as it were)

4)No promotion

With a solitary snap all the unfilled envelopes will be erased.

Choices to erase void envelopes

1)Show advancement – get the advancement of which record is being checked for void organizers

2)Log erased void organizers – get the rundown of all the unfilled envelopes erased3)Scan ANDROID made envelopes – won’t erase void organizers from the indexes/Android/information,/LOST.DIR,/DCIM

Note: envelopes with “.nomedia” and other shrouded records won’t be erased as they may be required by the framework or the application which has made it. Designer isn’t in charge of any issue made by the application. You utilize the application at your own hazard

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