Flip DND Concentrate on your life not your telephone! Flip telephone to shhh (or shush).It’s that straightforward. Simply flip your telephone screen down, hold up 10 seconds and get no more interruptions. Lift it up and promptly become accessible once more.Insignificant battery effect and too easy to use.UPDATE: Hello Peter, yes the application attempts to stay away from false enactments for example in yoru pocket and this is the reason it requires a level surface..there a significant resilience however around 5-10% move.. For subtleties please contact [email protected] Petr Nalevka CEO @ Urbandroid

Flip DND

Works extraordinary. Figured Google would of given all of us the component in Android 10 for other Pixel gadgets yet they didn’t. Might want it to be somewhat speedier to go into DND however. I’ll include the fifth star when this is executed.

Flip DND

Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

This application is incredible; straightforward and utilitarian. I’ve never had an issue with it turning DND on when it shouldn’t have. It’s actually the usefulness that I had trusted Android would have really provided with Digital Wellbeing. From the outset, I thought the audio effect was gimmicky, yet I’ve developed to appreciat

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Great strong, “flip to shh” include. Extremely helpful. Wish the motion, vibration were a slight bit faster. Smidgen moderate and not generally reaction to DND mode, when flipping telephone over. Much obliged.

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