Google Translate Apk Assalam Walekum Friend, today I will tell you about an application, whose name is Google Translator, so friends, this translator which is you can translate any word in any language, any sentence, if you do not know English then you can type in Urdu And by writing in English, you can know its meaning in Urdu, in Hindi, in Spanish, in which language you want to translate.

Google Translate Apk

then you can know all the honors by using Google Translator Friends, this application has many features, it is also this application. There is also Google Translator and its website which is available on both iOS and Android and you can use Google Translator using the browser in a laptop or computer, so friends, we will tell you some ideas that you like very much WillGoogle Translate Apk

Google Translate Apk

Features Of Google Translator apk

Friends, now I will tell you the feature of this application, there are some features, so you have to know that you will like it very much, friends, the first feature of this is that you can translate 103 language is by typing and copying the text in it. You can translate that by putting it, if you should be typing, if you want to copy the text, you can do it as you wish, then the offline translator in it is also available which you can translate 59 languages. If you want to translate from camera.

Google Translate Apk

then you can copy any text using your mobile camera and translate it from here, you can translate more than 50 languages ​​through photos in it. You can translate it to the doctor here too, it is very easy to use it, so after translating it in your language, you will get the result of the output in which you want to lie down, then you can do it Just like the American is Bengali is cheesy is Danish Hindi If the Russian can translate in Punjabi case, then the option is also available.


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