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Hi Translate – Whatsapp translate, Chat Translator

Hi Translate – Whatsapp translate, Chat Translator

Hi Translate is a Whatsapp interpret apparatus. Free English mean Hindi visit assistant.English mean Hindi on the web.

Fundamental Feature:

1. One-advance visit interpretation assistant:free to drag the ball skimming to the interpretation of the talk discussion content air pockets, only one stage, the substance of the air pocket will be converted into the predetermined dialect and over the visit bubble.;

2. Send the interpreted remote dialect while talking: input any dialect in the information box of the discourse, simplified the drifting interpretation ball to the info box, decipher the content of the info box of the visit into the dialect utilized by the beneficiary, and specifically send the outside dialect whenever Say Hi to others.

3. Decipher talk APP: Quickly double tap gliding interpretation ball, decipher APP for your local dialect, visit interpretation and remote dialect learning one stage speedier.

4.Clipboard content interpretation: Copy the content, tap the gliding ball interpretation, interpretation of the content has been duplicated.


1. Keep up the required authorizations and continuous networking。

2. Simplified the ball to the content zone, decipher the substance of the content territory, the interpretation comes about shrouded in the first substance of the area。

3. Simplified the interpretation ball to the info box territory, decipher the substance of the information box, supplant the contribution with the interpretation result, and click and send the interpretation result directly。

4. Rapidly double tap the gliding interpretation ball, decipher the whole APP content region, and decipher the interpretation result in the first area。

5. Long press the skimming interpretation ball, moving the ball position。

Greetings Translate at present backings 25 dialects visit interpretation. Hindi Translation, Bangla Translation, Telugu Translation, Marathi Translation, Tamil Translation, Urdu Translation, Gujarati Translation, Kannada Translation, Malayalam Language interpretation, Punjabi interpretation, Chinese interpretation, Spanish interpretation, Arabic interpretation, Malay interpretation, Portuguese interpretation, Russian interpretation, French interpretation, German interpretation, Hausa interpretation, Japanese interpretation, Persian interpretation, Greek interpretation, Javanese interpretation, Thai interpretation.


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