Hide Chat Name We are Addicted to Chatting and We will talk in practically all spots like bus stations, transports, trains, study halls, home, office, and so on. Furthermore, People Beside you will look on your screen and It won’t Be secure any more.Shroud Chat Name is an application that in a flash conceals the name, Profile image of the individual with whom you are talking on a solitary tap.

Hide Chat Name

Hide Chat Name

We Care for Your Privacy. Your Privacy Matters for Us.

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Highlights of Our App :

* Now you can Add Fake Name, Give Fake Profile Picture, Show a Fake Status.

* Instant Guard Your Screen with a solitary tap on the gliding symbol.

Concealed talk for WhatsApp, you would now be able to peruse whatsapp messages without a blue tick or no last observed, on account of Hidden visit for WhatsApp App, that will help acomplish thatConcealed visit for WhatsApp App is worked to serve the WhatsApp clients, that need to peruse theire whatsapp messages without giving off an impression of being on the web, with NO LAST SEEN, NO twofold blue tick. nothing simply read whatsapp messsages

Hide Chat Name

* You can give a Fake name to the next individual and individuals around you will think you are Chatting another person.

* Direct Chat Feature with Our App Developer. Click Here to Download Waseem Tv App

Hide Chat Name

* Move the symbol at every possible opportunity and simple for you.

It would be ideal if you rate and backing.

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Presently you can talk straightforwardly with our engineer for any inquiry or proposal.

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