Live Onion Video Chat Hello friends, we welcome you in our post, friends, today we will tell you about an application, with the help of this application you can communicate with girls, befriend with them and chat with them, I hope that You will like this video, you have to watch our video and also share our post and comment how you like this application and from here you are Pakistan girls Indian girl and after that there are all the girls and boys in the world.

You can befriend all of them, befriend them and you can also meet with them, make video calls to them, make audio calls, if you want to share your picture with them, you can also share picture and video You can send them, you can do business with them, you can also do business, so friends, I will tell you now, so you stay with us.

Feature Of Live Onion Video Chat

Friends, the first feature of this is that you can make a video call to any fellow, then you can send a friend request to them now, if that person lives in another country and still lives in another country, you still with him You can talk to him, make a video call and share with him what you are feeling, Friends, on this date, the fourth face is the same, it is a completely secure application, you can use it, your data which will be saved,

I have liked this application very much, so hope that you will like this application very much, so friends now Let me review it to show you what this user says about it.then after that if you want to talk to him from today for business, then the other feature of this is that friends This is a completely free application, you get it absolutely free in the Play Store, you can use it for free, and the third idea in it is that there are not many applications in it that come on those that are free. So it is.

User Reviews About This App

  1. Was working good, untill I paid money, now I can’t see male or female, keeps saying other person closed camera, yet no camera even opened will change my rating if this gets corrected can’t even chat with free right now, I’m not satisfied
  2. Unless you like seeing dude after dude after dude jerking off. Cus thats all you see 1 girl in every 50or 60 dudes jerking off for thr cam.

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