MeetMe Hello friends friends, today we will tell you about this post, this post is a tremendous one, in which there is an application. Because you are going to get a lot of friends, lots of girls and lots of boys, if you want to be friends with us, then the application is very good for you because I am using myself everyday I make two-three friends. Today I also have girls I make girlfriends.

If you are a girl then you can find your boyfriend from here. If you are a girl or a boy, then you can find your girlfriends from here and make friendship with them. All the girls from Bangladesh India will go and if you want to talk, you can do that too, so friends, I will come to you with this application.

Features of this app

Friends, this is a very good application, if the application is found, then even after that you do not come and tease and this is an application is an application that does nothing and your data is saved and no pain It would be easy to use the application, what is it, if it is written, it is written, then it can not be used in it, friends, this application is absolutely free, you can use it for free,

there are no free applications and this play store I do not have a free application at all, you can use it for free, friends, you do not even have to give your number in it and you will get a call, you can make a call, make a video call, or send a video to chat with it. You can voice chat and make friendship with him, then I will like the application very much if you like this and how you like with your friends.

User Reviews About This App

  1. Enjoyed this app for quite some time until it logged me out while I was using it and blocked me from ever signing in again. Not the first time I’ve heard of this happening. Tried to contact support several times. I want my account back. I had met good people that I can’t contact anymore. Also had diamonds that I had been gifted. But why not steal from people who put their time into your app? Crappy people run this app. Don’t download unless you want to be wiped out after you start using the app.
  2. I’m an old school user of this app, and recently re-downloaded as I haven’t been on in a while. I logged in to find the “feeds” or “discuss” section is now gone. That’s about the equivalent of if Facebook were to completely do away with their feed. This is supposed to be a social app, and they’ve rendered it useless. You can’t “Meet Me” if you can’t see the posts.


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