Multi-multiple accounts app

By | July 25, 2019

Multi Clone and run numerous records of the equivalent application on one gadget.Get your interpersonal interaction applications (like Facebook Messenger, Whats App Messenger, LINE, Instagram, We Chat…) signing in to different records simultaneously, one record for your own, one record for business, one record for anything you need.

2,Get your game application running various occasion for a few character.

3, Get your application running in private space, secure client protection, make applications undetectable on device.Used to be an extraordinary numerous record application. at that point one of my amusements refreshed and it didn’t open the game any longer. I took a stab at introducing the game again inside the application regardless it didn’t work.


I need this fixed in light of the fact that I paid for the promotion free, and so forth bundle. so either make it work again or give me a refund.I like multi and generally it functions admirably. in any case, after my game updates I get mistake messages and typically need to uninstall and reinstall. this time did not fix the issue. presently I should search for another clone app.

The application was working flawlessly however since that last update I can’t open any of the applications that I have there. It’s truly goading reason I didn’t reinforcement up those records so now I lost all information and everything all advancement on the recreations I had there.I love this application, its great since I can clone the same number of records as I need for my game yet I can’t open them any longer. it would be ideal if you fix the application, i’ve been utilizing it over a year and I might truly want to keep utilizing it.

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