Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

By | July 12, 2019

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lodging is an essential and principal human need. Today, there is a virtual lodging emergency in the nation. Quick populace development, stuffing, deficiency of supply, maturing lodging stock, advancement of ghettos and Katchi Abadis, sera city of land and absence of money related assets has additionally disturbed the circumstance.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Pakistan is the seventh-most populist nation on the planet. As indicated by the 2017 enumeration, its populace is 207.7 million and has developed at the rate of 2.4 percent every year in the intercensal period. Its urban populace, then again, has developed at the rate of 2.7 percent every year during a similar period and is assessed at 75.5 million. As per the 2017 registration, absolute number of lodging units all through the nation was 32.2 million. 63.6% lodging was in country regions and 36.4% in urban regions.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

According to Provisional consequences of 2017 evaluation, the urban populace demonstrates a developing pattern with 36.4% of the populace living in urban zones. The near position of Provinces and Areas demonstrates comparative pattern in urban populace with a somewhat higher increment in Punjab. Then again, a critical decline has been seen in the level of Urban populace in ICT which gone down from 65.72% to 50.58%, demonstrating that development happened in the rustic zones of Islamabad. Among the regions, Sindh is the most urbanized region, where 52.02% populace lives in Urban zones.

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Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) was built up as a cell in Ministry of Housing and Works in 1989 and on 26th March 1990 it was enlisted as a certification constrained organization with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under segment 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984. Reason for FGEHF is to start, dispatch, support and execute lodging plans for Federal Government Employees on possession premise in every single significant city of Pakistan to destroy shelterlessnes in Federal Government Employees and to make and help quite far every one of them to have a house at the season of retirement or prior.

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FGE Housing Foundation designated 22642 number of units to its individuals from 1989 to 2013 (19458 plots, 1595 houses and 1589 condos) in Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi. While from 2014 to 2018 FGE Housing Foundation arranged/designated 26795 number of units (23833 plots and 2962 condos) to its enrolled individuals under Membership Drive Phase-I (Aug-2009 to Feb-2014) and Membership Drive Phase-II (Apr-2015 to Sep-2018) in different lodging plans in Islamabad in different progressing plans.

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