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No Touch – Lock your phone screen

No Touch – Lock your phone screen

**New Feature: Show/Hide bolt symbol by actuate/deactivate it from notice bar**

Notouch is a basic yet valuable application that encourages you to bolt the screen briefly to avoid unapproved clicks or to go to different applications from the present screen. This is particularly valuable when you give your Phone to children to see recordings or Youtube.

This application will debilitate the touch office, So that your children won’t click for different recordings or go to different connections without your authorization. You can likewise bolt your screen while making video calls, with the goal that unplanned contacts can be averted. Amazingly accommodating when you need to play recordings to listen just sound, while in your pocket


– Install Notouch

– Open the App and Enable Lock

– A bolt symbol show up on your screen

– Enable it

– You will now have the choice to utilize a secret word

– Or utilize the essential bolt/open alternative

– Once empowered you can see a Lock symbol on the highest point of the screen

– To open/bolt the screen, simply twofold tap on the bolt symbol

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