Pinngle Safe Messenger Hi friends, today I will tell you about an application calling application. Messenger is that you can call anyone from there, you can make video calls to anyone, can talk online if any friends in the world you want to make. If you want to befriend any language in English, Urdu Hindi, then you can do the same as you have to install this application in your mobile.

After installing, you can make any friend who can talk to people. You can talk to relatives, you can talk to friends, if your friends live in a bye country or you have a family, then you can talk to us, you can make a video call absolutely for free, so let me tell you some features of this. To be with

Features Of Pinngle Safe Messenger

Friends, this is the first feature, you can make video calls for free in this, you can make voice calls for free and you can also message, secondly, this application is absolutely free, there is no stomach. There are many applications that tree on Play Store It is free but it is absolutely free, you can use it for free and the third feature is that it does not have ads, there are many applications on which ads come, so many ads go but this application does not have any ads at all. You can use it for free and whatever the fourth roof of it is.

you can use 20 on the slow net. If you have a net slow, you can also use it on the slow internet and the fifth feature is that you can use it You can use it easily and its interface is very easy, any person can use it, there is nothing difficult in this and you can also add your number here, your email address and your picture add can do.

How To Install

So friends, now I will tell you how you can install it, it is very easy to install it just you have to go to the play store and write there, Messenger from Pingle, after that this application will come in front of you. If you want to do this from the website, then you have to click on the download button, when it is downloaded, then you have to install this application by clicking on it. Thank you so much.

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