Side Bar Don’t leave current app for a small task. Side Bar is the app by which You Can Create Shortcuts of Your Installed Apps Icon into Multiple Window Tray, change quick settings, call person. This sidebar app gives you the ability to use your phone with one hand by gestures.

It’s fast, functional, fluid, and customizable to your liking. Populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe-in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple yet elegant.

Side Bar

Side Bar

– Torch: you can swipe and flash your torch any time.
– Wifi: You can on/off Wi-Fi any time.
– Brightness: you can change screen brightness through our app sidebar.
– Auto-rotation: sidebar swipe allows using auto rotating option any time.
– Bluetooth: you can on/off Bluetooth through this app sidebar.
– Hotspot: sidebar swipe allows you to enable or disable hotspot by swiping bar.
– Mobile data: sidebar swipe allows using on/off mobile data.
– Settings: you can open phone settings through our app sidebar swipe.
– Ringer mode: sidebar swipe allows you to change of ring mode very easily.




Side Bar


♦ Experience real multitasking
♦ Can launch from anywhere with button touch or Swipe
♦ One hand to operate
♦ Easy to Move, Resize and arrange swipe icon area
♦ Customized colors, opacity, sizes, and positions
♦ Starts on boot
♦ Minimal RAM and effect on battery life
♦ Many widgets to choose from
♦ Easy approach from any screen like multi window
♦ Easy placement at screen both at left and right edge
♦ You can change transparency of slide bar.
♦ Different themes of side bar as per user choice
♦ Service start automatically when phone restart
♦ Color Theme selection for text and as per desktop theme
♦ Avoid hassle of scrolling different screens to find your favorite
♦ Customized sidebar solution for all your worries
♦ Superb Animations

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supported shortcuts: apps, contacts, toggle wifi, on/off Bluetooth, toggle auto rotation, flashlight, screen brightness, volume, ringer mode, power menu, home, back, recent, pull down notification, last app, dial, call logs and device shortcuts.

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