SleepTown Build standard and solid rest propensities in the most straightforward and fascinating way. Awarded Best Personal Growth Apps of 2019 out of 15 districts (Canada, Australia, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, India, Thailand, Indonesia and North Africa. Created by SeekrTech, the maker of Forest application which has in excess of 25 million clients around the world.

Do you regularly keep awake until late looking on your telephones? Hit the nap button until you’re late? On the off chance that you experience difficulty putting your telephone down at sleep time, or in the event that you experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation and need to accomplish a solid, standard rest plan. SleepTown is your best arrangement.


How it functions: 3 stages to a solid rest plan

1) Set your own difficult sleep time and wake-up objective.

2) Open the SleepTown application before your sleep time objective and begin developing a structure.

3) Wake up before your wake-up objective, shake your telephone to clear your psyche, and see which building you got. Each day the structure is an unexpected that will inspire you to awaken!

SleepTown Can Help You:


• Beat your telephone dependence and get more rest

• Maintain ordinary rest hours between 4-10 hours per day

• Construct astonishing structures by accomplishing your sleep time and wake-up objectives

• Wake up to a prize each day – your new structure!


• View your “Sleep Town” and all your rest measurements in the town page

• Night move mode decreases blue light

Build Your Own Town

• Over 70 sorts of one of a kind structures accessible


• Spend your procured coins to open new structures

• Earn income after each fruitful development

• Earn additional income from back to back fruitful days

• Design your own town with land, structures, and beautifications


• Apply exceptional subjects on vacations to enhance your Sleep Town

Modify Your Sleeping Schedule:

• Set as long as two days off in seven days: falling flat on your “free day” will not end your streak, so unwind and enjoy a reprieve!

• Reset sleep time and wake-up time objectives whenever


• Set up a sleep time update and morning timer

• Adjust the volume and sound of your alert

• Adjust “shake your telephone” challenge to awaken you effectively toward the beginning of the day


• Get day by day coin rewards


• Choose which building you need to develop straightaway

• Get a prize ticket for prevailing on 7 continuous days

• Redeem reward passes to essentially expand your odds of getting an uncommon structure

• Earn additional tickets from occasions


• Unlock accomplishments and acquire additional prizes

• Create a record to back up your information (all your resting details and exquisite structures!)

New Challege

• Invites loved ones to join the circle and set a similar rest objectives, create sound rest propensities together!

• Encourage memebers in the circle to arrive at the objectives to contribute energy to construct your own miracles of the world.


• These extravagantly planned miracles will make your town astounding!

Go to rest on schedule, and begin assembling your own “SleepTown” around evening time


Sleep Town is an application accessible for both Android versatile and tablet gadgets. The Pro form can be reestablished on other Android gadgets. To download a non-Android variant of Sleep Town, a different buy is required. Be that as it may, by signing into a similar enrolled account, the record information can be synchronized across various stages and gadgets.


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