SMS Diverter, Forwards SMSs that gotten by the telephone in which this application is introduced, to the cell numbers which are added to the List/determined by you in the application. It is best for the circumstance in which you have at least two mobiles (one substantial and one light or highlight telephone) and you need to redirect or forward SMSs starting with one telephone then onto the next/multi telephones. The substantial telephone require more charge and more often than not on charge so at some point the clients overlook the overwhelming telephone at office or home. Getting out substantial telephone each time from stash is likewise difficult when contrasted with light telephone.


Subsequently to take care of the above issues the need of SMS diverter or forwarder was felt and created

FEACHERS⦁ Simple and Light In Functions and Design.

⦁ Have SMSs Multicasting Facility, Upto 5 Numbers

⦁ Blocks un-important SMSs from Forwading

⦁ Require Less Storage Space

⦁ Have ON/OFF Option, Does not have to Un-Install

⦁ Need No Internet Connection

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