SMS Backup & Restore

By | March 7, 2019

SMS Backup and Restore is a straightforward Android application that backs up and reestablishes your telephone’s instant messages and call logs.Note: This application can just reestablish consider logs and messages that were upheld up by it before they were erased. Propelled informing isn’t upheld.For inquiries or issues please visit our FAQ at:

Application FEATURES:

– Backup SMS (content) messages, MMS and call signs in XML group.

– Local gadget reinforcement with choices to naturally transfer to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Emails

– Choose a repetitive planned time to naturally reinforcement.

– Option to choose which discussions to reinforcement or reestablish.

– View and drill into your neighborhood and cloud reinforcements

– Search your reinforcementsSMS Backup

– Restore/exchange reinforcement to another telephone. Reinforcement position is autonomous of the Android form so the messages and logs can be effectively exchanged starting with one telephone then onto the next, independent of the rendition.

– Fast Transfer between 2 telephones over WiFi direct

– Ability to reestablish all instant messages or just chosen discussions.

– Free up space on your telephone. Erase all SMS messages or call signs on the Phone.

– Email a reinforcement document.

SMS Backup

– The XML reinforcement can be changed over to different organizations, and can likewise be seen on a PC.


– Tested on Android 5.0 and higher

– App just reestablishes reinforcements made by this application

– Please begin the application at any rate once after updates so the booked reinforcements begin working.

– Backup is made locally on the telephone as a matter of course, yet you have the choice to transfer to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Email. You are in charge of reinforcement documents. At no time are the records sent to the designer.

– If you plan to complete an industrial facility reset on the telephone, if it’s not too much trouble ensure you spare/email a duplicate of the reinforcement outside the telephone before doing it.

– If you have played out the Restore and the messages don’t show up in your informing application at that point:

– Open your informing application and Disable SMS from Settings.

– Exit the application

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– Open the application again and Enable SMS from Settings.

This App needs access to the accompanying:

SMS Backup

* Your messages: Backup and Restore messages. Get SMS consent expected to legitimately deal with messages got while the application is the default informing application.

* Your Calls and Contact data: Backup and Restore Call Logs.

* Storage: To make the Backup document on the SD card.

* Network view and correspondence: Allows the application to interface with wifi for reinforcement

* Your social data: To show and store the contact names in the Backup record.

* Run at start-up: Start planned Backups

Download App

* Prevent Phone from Sleeping: To keep the telephone from resting/suspended state while a Backup or Restore task is in advancement.

* Test access to Protected Storage: To make the Backup record on the SD card.

* Account Information: To validate with Google Drive and Gmail for cloud transfers

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