SMS Forwarder L Apk

By | February 8, 2019

SMS Forwarder video demosntration:

Primary Features:

– Forward SMS messages.

– Send SMS remotely by sending commands(SMS) from another phone(see help for more detail).

– Low battery cautioning.

– Keyword channel to square SMS messages. (Programming interface 26+)

– Forward to Email (API 26+) (beta)

about consent

– To advance by SMS, web association isn’t required, there will be SMS expense charge by telecom administrators.

– To advance by Email, you need web association.

about Privacy

– This App does not gather or transfer any close to home data, if by any means.

– Theoretically all close to home data are encoded locally, however I do prescribe to utilize another record for SMTP setting.

about forward by Email (beta)

Download Apk

– This component is still under creating. When I test it, it flopped by utilizing Gmail smtp server, yet prevail in other two Email servers suppliers. I guess the reason would be impossible to miss web state of mine (live in China). I do would like to get input from you all.

– It is said you should Two-factor verification on the off chance that you need Gmail smtp server.

– When utilizing email forward, you can determine the “Custom direction telephone” to accomplish remote control include.

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