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By | July 19, 2020

Text to EmojiAssalam Walekum Friends, today I will tell you about an application, with the help of this application you can write the name of your lover with the help of emoji, you can write the name of your friend, you can write the name of any friend, if you are using which emoji. If you want to write your name, then you can write if you want to write your name with a laughing emoji or if you want to write someone else’s name or your girlfriend’s name or boyfriend’s name. You can write with a very beautiful design.

so I thought you tell friends so that you can write your name or your friend’s name which is what you are using this application, what you have to do is write the name and whatever emoji you have You can select, after this, the full name will appear in front of you and easily you can share it anywhere, you can share it on WhatsApp, you can share it on Facebook, if you keep it in the form of text If you want, you can keep it, if you want to take a picture, then you can take a picture too Good name will be made and if you like your friend very much, then this application is absolutely free, I will tell you, so you have to stay with us, I will tell you all the features of this application.

Feature Of Text to Emoji

So this is a very good application, I have liked it very much because it is absolutely free and does not come in AIDS nor do you have to pay money, it is absolutely free application. I have liked it very much, hope you like it too much Friends will come, it has many features, some ideas, I will tell you this is a very simple application, just writing your name and selecting an emoji, your name will be written. If you want to download from play store then you have to write text emoji and this vacation will come in front of you. If you want to download this application from your website, then you have to click on download and download it.

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