◆ Easily deal with the day’s errands, monitor progress, and make definite designs to accomplish your objectives

◆ Made by Fourdesire, engineer with numerous honors in the Google Play with more than a huge number of clients around the world

◆ Our fourth profitability application, spic and span in 2020


Plan an assignment and find new terrains.

Every thing on your daily agenda turns into a piece of the new island’s scene: Finish significant undertakings and you may erect a mountain.

Save it for one more day and you may get a waterway.

Keep at it and you will find a long, winding way.


To-Do Adventure is an individual efficiency diary that makes daily agendas more fun! Examination shows simply recording things can build your profitability by 33%. As specialist Dr. Tracey Marks clarifies, making records resembles “building a street”. Records lessen the psychological exertion engaged with monitoring all the easily overlooked details that collect over the long run. With mindfulness as you monitor the day’s undertakings, your plan for the day turns into a guide map. That way you will have more opportunity to zero in on accomplishing your objectives.

■ Suitable for: anybody needing a profitability help! ■

– 【Students】 From considering and low maintenance work to rivalries and temporary jobs, monitor the main priority and how it requires to finish your errands.


– 【Young Adults】 Make arrangements of significant undertakings requesting your consideration as you face new life challenges.

– 【New Parents】 Better comprehend the circumstance of your kid’s necessities so you can all the more proficiently partition duties and backing one another.

– 【Those in Need of a Daily Routine】 Easily monitor the day’s errands and get quick input.

■ What it is ■


To-Do Adventure is a fantastic profitability diary. Make more opportunity to unwind in your bustling day by day life by monitoring all that requires to complete! Daily agendas don’t need to be something you are constraining yourself to do. All things being equal, they become simple and fun.

◈ Every Little Bit Counts ◈

– Turn your tasks into a pleasant game


– Accurately monitor your errands for the afternoon/week/month

– Achieve your objectives for the afternoon and find your own extraordinary island map

◈ Visual Feedback ◈

– Make arrangements of what you might want to do today, schedules or propensities you might want to fabricate, or any objectives for what’s to come


– Helps you rundown, audit, and coordinate your undertakings with quick visual criticism en route

– Adjust your advancement to the truth of day by day life and accomplish your objectives

– Stay roused as you make a diary of your life that is novel to you

◈ Choose Your Favorite Themes ◈


– An unquestionable requirement have for journalers, 10+ various topics to alter the vibe of your diary

– Unlock and gather distinctive island blocks with opportunities to open considerably more brilliant tourist spots

■ When to Use ■

Have you at any point encountered any of these?


– Lacking inspiration, simply considering arranging out your day causes you to feel lethargic.

– You get up toward the beginning of the day and can’t sort out some way to begin on your work or studies.

– Easily diverted, you battle to zero in on the things you need to complete.

– You tarry or get sluggish and afterward feel remorseful when you pass up things you wish you’d done.


Life resembles a jungle gym, so make your tasks fun! Appreciate the experience!

▼Any questions or proposals? You can go to:

To-Do Adventure > Menu > Settings > FAQ and Support to discover an answer for your issue


On the off chance that you can’t figure out how to determine your issue in FAQ and Support, tap the talk symbol in the upper right corner to connect. Send over your inquiries or considerations and somebody from the Island Service group will be in touch.


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