Touch Lock Screen Easy & strong photo password Apk

Show a cool photograph on my PDA screen and utilize it as a speedy and basic approach to open by contacting particular places of the photograph!!

The touch bolt screen can just set a “contact secret word” with the dash of particular positions on my photograph, for example, eyes, nose, mouth, face, or hand.Touch Lock Screen Easy & strong photo password Apk

– It gives a propelled level of security as both “Photograph” and “Contact position” set on the bolt screen turn into a touch secret key.

– As soon as others contact the screen on the mobile phone, a “notice” message flies up so nobody else can open it.Touch Lock Screen Easy & strong photo password Apk- It defends my wireless loaded up with classified money related information and individual data.

Cool photographs transforming into my mobile phone secret key!!! @@

– I can likewise utilize photographs of K-pop stars and their stage execution that I treasure in my telephone.

Photographs of my better half that I took face to face, the lifetime absolute best, travel photographs, family photographs, and some pleasant photographs I downloaded from Internet can be utilized as solid secret phrase too.

– I can likewise set my infant’s charming photograph on the main screen of my grandma’s PDA to utilize it as both photograph collection and screen bolt. Accessible to utilize any photograph I need, this is a bona fide photograph contact bolt screen~

It is basically done just on the off chance that I contact any position I need on my preferred photograph. Bolt screen good with any adaptation of wireless

– Surprisingly, this straightforward and great new security innovation is perfect with low-end and old cell phones as long as their screens are contact mindful.

– Since I can straightforwardly set the “contact secret key” on my most loved photograph, my wireless turns out to be considerably less demanding to use notwithstanding its beautification impact.

– There is no bother of setting a different secret word on my telephone once I set the photograph secret phrase. This is on account of bolt screen’s touch position itself works as a solid secret word.

This previously presented “Contact Lock Screen” is a licensed innovation utilizing realistic confirmation.

Security is without a doubt solid

An inventive method to abstain from presenting secret word to others when entering the “Contact Password”! It is on account of It just accompanies the touch-bolt screen.

Would it be a good idea for me to be worried about the likelihood that just contacting photographs makes my telephone defenseless against certain security breaks, for example, an endeavor to split my telephone’s secret word by figure or unintended secret phrase presentation to other people? No compelling reason to stress.

– There is an innovation covered up inside the touch bolt screen that keeps others from discovering what really makes up the “contact secret phrase” amid its utilization. The secret word is not really perceptible regardless of whether it is demonstrated deliberately.

This enchantment like innovation, which is being presented without precedent for the world, is additionally licensed innovation.※ “Contact bolt screen’s” graphical client authentication(GUA) innovation, contact secret word, arbitrary secret phrase framework, and different advances are secured by patent so they are restricted from being recreated or adjusted without authorization.

[Our Patents]

– Graphical picture client confirmation and beneficial administration framework

– User verification utilizing secret phrase contained with irregular key

– Image sliding secret phrase framework

Touch Lock Screen Easy & strong photo password Apk

– Password framework utilizing characters

– User confirmation framework utilizing garbage information

Add up to 8 enrolled licenses including above recorded advances. Notwithstanding that, we hold 4 universal licenses (PCT) and 36 patent applications

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