WeShare Individuals around the globe find records and sharing fun ordinarily on We Share.You can share and move intriguing photographs and recordings with your loved ones progressively, find day by day drifting motion pictures, hot music, HD pictures on the planet. You can likewise investigate incredible applications, valuable archives, delightful backdrops effectively.

💥Key Features:

👏Content Discover


Numerous individuals share a large number of records on We Share consistently. We Share is a document library. You can find what you are keen on : full motion pictures, hit music, HD video, TV appear, HD pictures, backdrop, well known applications .

👏 Share and Contribute

Secret Codes

Transfer photographs, recordings, pics, music, books, applications and help other individuals locate the best slanting things. Individuals will tail you on Weshare and you can make new companions far and wide.


👏File Download


With just a single tick you can free download any medias you found on WeShare. We Share is likewise a straightforward record director that you can without much of a stretch oversee download documents store in your versat

👏Transfer Unlimited Files

WeShare gives you a chance to send enormous files(more than GB) with rapid. With web association, you can send enormous recordings (films, game recordings), HD photograph collections, music playlists, reports with just couple of steps.


All configurations are upheld: picture, video , pdf, docx, audio,apk,zip, txt, and so on .\




You can talk secretly with companions and devotees in anyplace at whenever. What’s more, it’s anything but difficult to share records to your contacts in outsider applications.


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