WhatsDelete View Deleted Messages, Assalam Walekum Friends, today I am going to tell you a tremendous secret of WhatsApp, friends, you can do a lot in this application and girls will go crazy after you if you use this application because you are going to get many features and features in this application. You can do a lot of work, this is going to benefit you a lot Friends, this application is named Whats Delete View deleted message on WhatsApp and save status That is why they can see all the messages on their mobile again. Friends, this application has many features, let’s see its features.

Feature Of WhatsDelete View Deleted Messages

Friends, the first feature is that if a guy on WhatsApp deletes his message and then deletes it, then you can easily see those messages, friends, which is another feature that you can backup any chat. If you can see all its messages, then the third feature of thinking is that you can save any status on your mobile.Friends, this is the fourth feature of this is that if a guy sends you a picture or sends a video, then after that he deletes it, then he can easily see the deleted video and picture again. Even if you delete all the videos or pictures, you can still see that thing on your mobile, this is an amazing application that I have liked very much.


Friends, this application will not work when you have muted chat or you have turned off notifications, if it has already deleted your message, you have reinstalled the application, then you will not get the message, so what you have All the permissions have to be turned on and you have to give the locker, if you do not do the permissions any more, even then the application will not work.

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