App drawer modern: LaunchBoard APK Free Download

By | April 28, 2018

The depiction of App cabinet current: LaunchBoard

No tolerance to peruse a protracted portrayal?

Here’s a TL;DR Version:

LaunchBoard is an ideal substitution for the well established idea of application drawers.

To get the best out of LaunchBoard, do these 2 things:

1. Include both the Launcher symbol and Homescreen gadget to your homescreen. Presently, you can get to any application with only a solitary touch.

2. From LaunchBoard, long press your continuous applications and check them as Favorites. They turn out to be much more effectively available.

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Point by point portrayal:

What do application drawers do? Demonstrate to all of you the applications at the same time, how stupid?

Meet LaunchBoard, and say farewell to seeking through not insignificant rundown of applications and jumbled envelopes

We should let it out: 90% of the time, you precisely know the name of the application that you need to dispatch. With LaunchBoard, you utilize this learning to abstain from seeing superfluous applications during the time spent propelling applications

It’s all in the primary letter of the application. To open ‘w’hatsapp, you rapidly squeeze ‘w’ and you’re given only the applications that begin with ‘w’

Long press applications and check them as top choices to make getting to those applications much less demanding.

There are 2 approaches to utilize LaunchBoard:

1. Launcher symbol

2. Homescreen gadget

Stick the Launcher symbol to the base plate of your homescreen. Tapping on it will open Favorites naturally. In this way, on the off chance that you have denoted all your continuous applications as Favorites, they are only a tick away. In the event that the application you need isn’t in your Favorites list, tap on the first letter of the application in the console to rapidly get to the application



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