• Translate between 103 tongues by creating

• Tap to Translate: Copy message in any application and your elucidation flies up

• Offline: Translate 59 vernaculars when you have no Internet

• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to disentangle message immediately in 38 tongues

• Camera Mode: Take pictures of substance for higher-quality translations in 37 lingos

• Conversation Mode: Two-way minute talk translation in 32 lingos



• Handwriting: Draw characters rather than using the reassure in 93 lingos

• Phrasebook: Star and extra translations for future reference in any vernacular

Elucidations between the going with vernaculars are maintained:

Assents Notice.Google Translate may ask for approval to get to the going with features:

• Microphone for talk elucidation


• Camera for translating content by methods for the camera

• SMS for unraveling texts

• External accumulating for downloading disengaged understanding data

• Accounts and accreditations for checking in and coordinating up transversely finished contraptions

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