Ram Cleaner For Android beta

By | May 26, 2018

Takes a shot at Android Nougat 7.0


– This undertaking chief is utilized to execute foundation running applications .


– The Task Manager can Kill running applications and clear slam memory.This cleared smash memory increment telephone execution and Killing such applications enhance Battery life.

– Clear Ram memory.

– –


* Kill Background applications.

* Ignore App-include applications which you need reject from murdering.

* Auto execute Apps – Kill application by running errand director in foundation

* Quick Unistaller

* Widgets bolster included

* System Running Processes-Menu->Running administrations

* Ram more clean

* Memory Booster

* App or diversion more clean

* Android analyzer

* Regular Kill

* Show battery life

* Support all android variant

* Memory Booster, Ram Booster


– – –

The Task Manager can Kill running applications and clear crush memory.This cleared pummel memory increase phone execution and Killing such endeavor improve Battery life. .It is in like manner undertaking organization gadget which can manage all the presented applications on your phone.It can not butcher the organizations and admonitions on your phone. By usage of task boss , you would altogether be able to stop endeavors by tapping on help get.

If you have to regulate running organizations, click menu->service, by then it will open the structure board where you can stop running organizations.


– – –

Q:How would i be able to bar applications from murdering ?

A:Go to Menu-> and select Ignore Apps. Presently add applications which you need to bar from slaughtering. Such applications are not murdered by the errand administrator.

Q:Does it enhance battery life?

An: As a Task Manager murder foundation running applications. Such application expend battery for running.So it close such applications and by implication enhance battery life.

– – –


How to utilize?

1.First make disregard list ( add application which are to be overlook from slaughtering)- simply Go to Menu->Ignore List and include application

Tap on Boost Button.

2. Add Widgets to home screen. tap on gadgets to support!!!

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