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By | June 19, 2018

Contact Lock is a conspicuous application downloaded in excess of 3 million times. Suburbanites, understudies, watchmen and the elderly or any person who has finger trembling insufficiency would believe that its supportive in light of the way that it empowers them to capitalize on their device’s show without interruption by checking unintended errands on the touch screen and gets.


• jolt the screen appear

• jolt virtual or physical keys including presentation page keys, return keys, volume keys and most starting late used application keys

Touch Lock – disable screen and all keys Apk free download

• keeps screen on• open screen by tapping overlayed image

• (new component) open the screen with contraption exceptional finger impression peruser

• wide variety of contraptions maintained.

• concealed or exhibit the open screen

• stay away from face reaching in the midst of calls

• turn away take noticing or disregarding calls


★ Safe and stable calls foreseeing coincidental isolates.

★ QR Code’s most grounded accomplice mechanical assembly: paying little mind to whether you’re stacking onto a plane or taking the metro, all that’s needed is one minute to check your electronic ticket.

★ An OK help for cooking. The application keeps the screen on so you can read the equation

★ Take extraordinary submerged video. The application keeps impedance from water reaching the screen

★ No interruption to your course: you can open a guide and place it in your pocket

★ You won’t have to worry over your screen resting subsequently when you’re copying works or demonstrating content on your phone

★ A superb gadget screen cooler for convenient preoccupations: no more inadvertent stopping or leaving in light of the reaching of screens and gets

★ Isolated dart up of physical or virtual keys: paying little respect to whether you’re looking through your photo accumulation or playing a delight, you can hold basic control

★ Enjoy a one-gave silver screen: you can walk around while seeing your most adored TV course of action without being blocked

★ It takes one minute to change into an arranging stage: an awesome mechanical assembly to empower you to develop your representation capacities

★ Turn your MV into a pocket music player at whatever point

★ Lock the screen and use your mobile phone as a marquee or fluorescent stick in a music appear

★ Drive with a shot screen and make your driving more secure

This application uses accessibility organizations

Contact Lock uses a receptiveness advantage remembering the ultimate objective to turn away unintended exercises on sensitive keys and physical gets which would help some individual with finger trembling insufficiency or equivalent indications to hold the mobile phone decidedly.

Which will engage :

– Soft key jolt (Home, Back, Recent application gets)

– Volume keys jolt

– Fingerprint sensor jolt/open

– Full screen mode

Notwithstanding the way that you may get an assurance forewarning, Touch Lock never watch, accumulate or use any of customer’s security data.


Due to the Android Policy. Contraption control button(lock get) can’t be blocked.

To weaken reaching sensitive keys, you ought to engage accessibility assent first.

This application does not make your device waterproof or water safe.

Your device must have a one of a kind check peruser to use the special stamp open option.

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