Hello friends friends, today we will tell you about Big Ticket News, what news is there in Big Ticket and what is going on, so as you know, Big Ticket from where you used to get tickets is closed because of Coronavirus. There has been an issue in which the counter at Abu Dhabi International Airport is closed and the Temp Reilly dam is closed, then when it is finished locked down.

then love will open again. If I go, I thought I should tell you about the news, what is going on in the Big Ticket and what is going on in the rebellion draw which took place on April 3, and who are the people who won it and this country of which country? I will tell you about all the things. You have to live with us. Okay, let me tell you who has won this and who is a lucky man.Friends, if you want to know about something else, then I have a website and from where you can go and get everything, I am giving a link here.

Big Ticket News

Big Ticket AE News

So friends, I will tell you who is the person who has won the Big Ticket, then they are the three Indian men to win the ticket, the first three men are the first three men. The first prize was for 20 million and the second was for 100000 and the third one is for 50000 and the fourth one is for 30000 and the last one is 30000 and the last one is 30000.

He is won by Phil Wadhi is a Philbelly man who has won and left. That the first three who are the first 20 million is won by an Indian man, then the Indian is forever who is a lucky man, and all the winners who have won before are often from Jai Ho India to Pakistan anyway and Chhath Video Bangladeshi more than India and then 10 also came.


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