Then paste the shortcode to add your Instagram feed and click the Update button. Now, you know how to add an Instagram Feed to your WordPress site. Now that you know your request will be successful, wordpress optimization you can edit the certbot service definition to remove the –staging flag. If you want to start a blog – now is THE time to do it!

A lot of my readers that want to start a blog email me and ask which platform they should be using. BlueHost has just given the readers of Successful Blogging a special deal – only $2.95/month instead of $7.95! Buy BlueHost through this link and you will get your domain name for free and hosting for just $2.95/month.

  1. 1: You need to follow our first 3 steps of the 1st method
  2. Test the updates on a staging server
  3. Multi-page and one-page function
  4. Frontend editor for designing your website
  5. DNS Issue
  6. The very first result will be the plugin. Just click on install and activate the plugin

Sure, WordPress can be confusing at first, but I give my readers that pick up BlueHost through my link, a paid WP plugin that gives you videos on just how to use every part of your new website. A static blog page is a good idea if you want your readers to see the same, consistent message every time they visit your blog. 4. You’ll get everything you need to start a blog and look like a pro from day one for an incredible deal.

1. First you need to create the page that you want to use for your homepage. Keep in mind though, one of the hallmarks of a good blog is fresh, new content, so you will still want to make your latest blog posts easily accessible even if you are using a static homepage.

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